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Models for Postmodern Education in the Age of Technology: Task-Based Education and Formative Evaluation at University Level

Innovative Practices and Future Prospects in ELT (INNOVAPROS 2020), İstanbul, Turkey, 15 - 16 October 2020, pp.10 Sustainable Development

Examples of Task-Based Education and Formative Evaluation at University Level: Models for Postmodern Education

6th International Conference on Education, Language Instruction, and Technology (ELIT), Varna, Bulgaria, 30 - 31 August 2018

How to Incorporate Technology in Task-based Education and Formative Evaluation

IATEFL RESIG Istanbul Conference, İstanbul, Turkey, 8 - 09 June 2018

Educational Technologies for Digital Material Development

2nd International Conference on Best Practices and Innovations in Education, İzmir, Turkey, 19 - 21 October 2017

Academic Vocabulary Learning through Teacher-active and Student-active Approaches

2nd International Conference on Best Practices and Innovations in Education, İzmir, Turkey, 19 - 21 October 2017

Postmodern Educational Models: A Philosophical Approach to Foreign Language Education in the Age of Technology

5th International Conference on Language Learning and Teaching, Varna, Bulgaria, 25 - 26 August 2017

Türkçe-İngilizce Ortak Sözcüklerle Yabancı Dil Eğitimi: Denkteş Sözcükler

1. Uluslararası Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçenin Öğretimi Bilgi Şöleni (UYTOB 2017), Bursa, Turkey, 17 - 19 May 2017

Moodle based Academic Vocabulary Acquisition through Teaching and Learning Processes

International Symposium of New Issues in Teacher Education, 30 August - 01 September 2016

Schools out virtual worlds in Improving English through exposure to language in Second Life digital environment

GlobELT 2016: An International Conference on Teaching and Learning English as an Additional Language, Antalya, Turkey, 14 - 17 April 2016

3 Boyutlu Dijital Ortamda İngilizce Eğitimi

Eğitimde FATİH Projesi- Eğitim Teknolojileri Zirvesi, Ankara, Turkey, 05 December 2015, vol.1, pp.126-135

Evaluation of the Latest English Language Teacher Training Program in Turkey Teacher Trainees Perspective

5th International Conference on Research in Education, Edirne, Turkey, 8 - 10 October 2015, pp.177

Should we blame machine translation for the inadequacy of English A Study on words of family and relationships

2nd International Skills Conference: Working with Text and around Text, Lublin, Poland, 22 - 24 September 2014

The Pedagogical Courses in the ELT Program of Turkish Higher Education How Efficient are They

8th International ELT Research Conference: Innovative Approaches to Research in ELT, Çanakkale, Turkey, 15 - 17 May 2014

Utilising technology for intercultural communication in virtual environments and the role of English

5th World Conference on Educational Sciences (WCES), Rome, Italy, 5 - 08 February 2013, vol.116, pp.2407-2411 identifier

From Ancient Philosophies to Postmodern Approaches to Education Assumptions Implementations and Products in Foreign Language Education

7th International ELT Research Conference: Philosophical Perspectives in ELT research, Çanakkale, Turkey, 27 - 28 April 2012

The Internet and computer-mediated artefacts for foreign language learning and practice, and intercultural communication: MOODLE, Second Life, and others

4th World Conference on Educational Sciences (WCES), Barcelona, Spain, 2 - 05 February 2012, vol.46, pp.3296-3300 identifier

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Should We Blame Machine Translation for the Inadequacy of English: A Study on Words of Family and Relationships

in: Working with Text and around Text in Foreign Language Environments, Halina Chodkiewicz, Piotr Steinbrich and Małgorzata Krzemińska-Adamek, Editor, Springer International Publishing, pp.273-288, 2016


in: Eğitimde FATİH Projesi EĞİTİM TEKNOLOJİLERİ ZİRVESİ 2015 Basım tarihi: 10 05 2016, Yenilik ve Eğitim Teknolojileri Genel Müdürlüğü, Editor, T.C.MİLLÎ EĞİTİM BAKANLIĞI, Ankara, pp.126-135, 2016

The Digital World and the Elements in Digital Communication and FL Learning

in: Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology Third Edition, M. Khosrow-Pour, Editor, IGI Global, Hershey, pp.2106-2113, 2015

The Opinions and Attitudes of the Foreign Language Learners and Teachers Related to the Traditional and Digital Games: Age and Gender Differences

in: Computational Linguistics Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications, I. Management Association (Ed.), Editor, IGI Global, Hershey, pp.689-708, 2014




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