AMAMRG (UMIMAG) works at all stages from basic scientific level to industrial application. It has the ability to concentrate on all the stages required by the study and to produce solutions.

-Lightweighting (Composite materials, Sandwich plates, optimization techniques)

Structural static, dynamic and impact mechanical tests

- Additive manufacturing and 3d printing systems development and applications

- Advanced composite manufacturing systems development and applications.

- Finite element analysis

- Intelligent and Sensor Materials (self-healing materials, piezo materials, flexible sensors, etc.) development and testing.

- Structural health monitoring

It is carried out like sector oriented projects and academic projects. The most important feature of the group is that it has a scientific infrastructure and working systematics that will develop solutions at every stage (from the most basic to the implementation stage) if the project or subject is in our area of ​​interest.

We are pleased to work with industrial organizations that want to solve their problems with the research group, at the level of availability of the program. You can send an e-mail to for communication.

We expect a good scientific infrastructure, a high desire for research studies and a determination to take care of long working hours in order to achieve success in those who want to be a member of this group.