Education Information

Education Information

  • 2012 - 2016 Doctorate

    Bursa Uludağ University, Eğitim Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Eğitim Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Turkey

  • 2006 - 2014 Undergraduate

    Anadolu University, Faculty Of Busıness Admınıstratıon, Department Of Busıness, Turkey

  • 2008 - 2010 Postgraduate

    Gazi University, Institution of Educational Science , Elementary Education, Turkey

  • 2004 - 2008 Undergraduate

    Dokuz Eylul University, Buca Faculty Of Educatıon, Department Of Mathematıcs And Scıence Teachıng, Turkey


  • 2016 Doctorate

    Determining, developing and evaluating the characteristics of an effective geometry lesson

    Bursa Uludağ University, Eğitim Fakültesi, Elemantary Education

  • 2010 Postgraduate

    Effect of the education with caricatures on academic achievements and attitudes of elementary school sixth grade students towards mathematics course in terms of natural numbers sub-learning

    Gazi University, Institution of Educational Studies, Elementary Education