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Institutional Information: Ilahiyat Fakültesi, Temel Islam Bilimleri, Islam Hukuku
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He was born in Ziyaret Köyü, a village of Şavşat, Artvin. His childhood and primary school years were spent in the village. He completed his secondary education at Bursa Imam-Hatip High School (1989), his licence's degree at Uludag Faculty of Theology (1995), his master's degree at Sakarya University (2000), and his doctorate at Department of Basic Islamic Sciences Islamic Law (Uludag University Social Sciences Institute, 2007). He worked as a teacher at Ministry of Education (1995-2009) and as a lecturer at Department of Religious and Moral Education, the Faculty of Education (2009-2013). He has been working at the Faculty of Theology since 2013.