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Institutional Information: Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi, Matematik, Analiz Ve Fonk.Teorisi
Research Areas: Mathematics, Combinatorics, Number Theory, Carbon Chemistry, Natural Sciences

Names in Publications: Canguel, Ismail Naci, Naci Cangul, Ismail, Cangul, Ismail N., Cangul, I. N., Cangul, I. Naci, Cangul, Ismail Naci, Cangul, IN, Cangul Ismail Naci, Canguel İSMAİL NACİ




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He was born in Silvan-Diyarbakır/Turkey on 14th August 1967. His father was a Post Office Officer and his mother is a housewife. He has a brother, a veterinary scientist, and a sister, a textile engineer. He completed Primary School in Haciilbey Primary School in Balıkesir (1,5 years) and Orhaneli Primary School in Orhaneli/Bursa (2,5 years); Highschool in Bursa Atatürk Lisesi (5 years) and Bursa Keles Lisesi (1 year). He graduated Uludağ University, Faculty of Arts & Science, Mathematics Department in 1987 with the highest marks amongst all the Faculty.

He started his first MSc in 1987 and became a Research Assistant on 8th February 1988 at Uludağ University, Faculty of Arts & Science, Mathematics Department. He completed this MSc under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Turgut BAŞKAN on the topic "Automorphisms of Compact Klein Surfaces". After completing his MSc in 1989, he was sent to United Kingdom for academic research by a HEC grant. He has completed the MSc courses and his second MSc Thesis in Warwick University between September 1989 - August 1990 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Caroline SERIES on "Normal Subgroups of the Modular Group". Afterwards, he has moved to Southampton University in September 1990 to do his PhD. Together with his supervisor Prof. Dr. David SINGERMAN, his advisor Prof. Dr. Gareth A. JONES and the academicians from different countries, he has studied regular map theory (dessigns d'enfants = children’s drawings) which connects Galois theory, group theory, graph theory, Riemann surfaces, algebraic curves and moduli spaces. In particular they studied Hecke groups and their normal subgroups in connection with the regular map theory. The title of his PhD thesis which was completed and submitted succesfully in the first months of 1994 was "Normal Subgroups of Hecke Groups".

During his compulsory military duty which took 16 months, he had been a Protocol Officer in the main Headquarters of the Turkish First Army between 01.08.1994 and 30.11.1995 and there he completed his military duty. On 01.12.1995, he became an Assistant Professor in Mathematics Department at the Faculty of Arts & Science in Uludağ University. In 1999, he became an Associated Professor in Analysis and Theory of Functions and finally in 2005, he became a Full Professor in Uludağ University.

He has been working in the same department since then. In 2013, he had also become a member of the interdisciplinary MSc Programme called Criminalistics under the Institute of Science at Uludag University.

He had been working as a Bologna Expert for the implementation of university reforms within the Team of Turkish National Experts for 11 years. He attended over 100 meetings and gave many seminars.

He had been in two European Union Projects on Quality Culture and Institutional Review. He had been the supervisor in 3 European Union Student Projects. He also took part in 17 scientific research projects from TUBİTAK-Turkish Scientific Research Council and Uludag University.

He had been the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science for 6,5 years between 2008 and 2015 where he was graduated 21 years ago. Before that, he had been in many administrative positions including the Rector’s Advisor and International Relations Coordinator.

He attended to numerous national and international congresses and gave over 200 talks. He organized 8 International congresses/workshops. Two of these were supported by TUBITAK. He also has been in the Scientific Committees of over 30 international congresses.

He had written 49 books, over 200 scientific reseach papers half of which are in the SCI Indices/WOS database. Most of his scientific works has been completed with coworkers from Turkey, France, UK, India, Canada, USA, South Korea, Greece, South Africa, Japan, Romania, Hungary etc.

He had already supervised/supervising 15 MSc students and 21 PhD students. Most of his students are supported by scholarships from TUBITAK.

20 of his scientific papers have been awarded by TUBITAK Scientific Papers Support Programme.

He had been abroad 3 times with the support of TUBITAK, and many times with the support of Uludag University, YOK and Turkish National Agency.

He had invited 6 foreign guest professors by the support of TUBITAK.

He had been awarded several prizes/awards as a result of his scientific accomplishements some recent ones being The Highest Number of Annual Publications Prize in 2011, The Special Prize for Bologna Coordination Committee Member in 2011, The Highest Number of Annual Projects Prize in 2012, Scientist of the Year Prize in 2012, The Annual Succesful Academic Group Prize (Mathematics Department) in 2012, The Highest Number of Annual Publications Prize in 2013 and The Best Performance Award in 2016 in Uludag University.


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