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Institutional Information: Ziraat Fakültesi, Bahçe Bitkileri, Bahçe Bitkileri
Research Areas: Agricultural Sciences, Fruit Breeding and Breeding, Cultivation and Breeding, Biotechnology and Genetics

Names in Publications: Atak Arif, Atak A.


Within Horticulture, he mainly works on table grapes and kiwifruit. He actively participates in table grape and kiwifruit breeding programs to develop new varieties with better quality. The aim of the grape breeding program is to develop new grape varieties that have a higher chance of competition in foreign markets, are more tolerant/resistant to diseases and are seedless. In this breeding program, new grape varieties were developed using cross-breeding, embryo rescue and marker-assisted selection methods. In recent years, it has especially focused on disease-resistant grape varieties and resistance breeding.

In addition, our kiwifruit breeding program aimed to develop new kiwifruit varieties with different flesh colors and aromas. So far, 2 new varieties (1 female and 1 male) have been registered in the kiwifruit breeding program, and 2 female varieties have been sold to a company abroad. Within the scope of this breeding work, cross-breeding and registration of some candidate varieties are still ongoing.

He also has studies on climate change related to some physiological parameters on grapevine (Vitis spp.) and kiwifruit (Actinidia spp.) plants.

He is the organizer of the 10th International Kiwifruit Symposium as an ISHS organization in 2021 and also serves as the Vice President of the Vine and Berry Fruits Division of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) for 2022-2026. Also he has been joined the ISHS Executive Committee since 2023.

In addition, He also organised the "XIII. International Conference on Grapevine Breeding, Genetics and Management" as an ISHS organization in 2023.

He also has studies on determining phenolic components in grapes (Vitis spp.) and examining their changes after different processes, drying grape/kiwifruit/persimmon with different methods and determining their nutritional content.

He has taken an active role as an researcher or coordinator in many local and foreign projects and also has many Turkish and English articles, book chapters and other publications, mainly on the above topics. The main courses he teaches at the university are General/Special Viticulture, Kiwi Cultivation, Smart Agricultural Practices in Viticulture, Organic and Sustainable Viticulture.

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