One-Dimensional Cobalt(II) and Zinc(II) Succinato Coordination Polymers with Nicotinamide: Synthesis, Structural, Spectroscopic, Fluorescent and Thermal Properties


JOURNAL OF INORGANIC AND ORGANOMETALLIC POLYMERS AND MATERIALS, vol.19, no.3, pp.342-347, 2009 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Cobalt(II) and zinc(II) succinato (suc) coordination polymers with nicotinamide (nia), {[Co(mu-suc)( H2O)(2) (nia)(2)] . 2H(2)O}(n) (1) and {[Zn(mu-suc)(H2O)(2)(nia)(2)] . 2H(2)O}(n) ( 2) have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analyses, magnetic moments, IR and TG-DTA. Single-crystal X-ray analyses of 1 and 2 reveal that these complexes are isostructural and crystallize in triclinic space group P (1) over bar. Complexes 1 and 2 are 1-D coordination polymers, in which the metal( II) ions exhibit an octahedral geometry with two suc, two nia and two aqua ligands. The nia ligand is N-bonded, while the suc ligand bridges the metal centers through the carboxylate groups. The 1D chains are further assembled to form 3D networks by strong N-H center dot center dot center dot O and OW-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bonds. IR spectra confirm the coordination modes of both suc and nia ligands, while TG-DTA data are in agreement with the crystal structures. Fluorescent analysis in the solid state shows that all complexes display intraligand (pi-pi*) emissions of nia.