An investigation of the helminth fauna of Triturus vittatus (Jenyns, 1835) and Triturus karelinii (Strauch, 1870) Seritli Semender (Triturus vittatus (Jenyns, 1835)) ve Pürtüklü Semender (Triturus karelini (Strauch, 1870))'lerin Helmint Faunasi Uzerine Bir On Calişma.


Türkiye parazitolojii dergisi / Türkiye Parazitoloji Derneǧi = Acta parasitologica Turcica / Turkish Society for Parasitology, vol.32, no.2, pp.158-160, 2008 (Scopus) identifier identifier


Twenty banded newts and 16 southern crested newts collected from Bursa on different dates from 1997-2006 were examined for helminths .As a result of the examination, 3 helminths (Oswaldocruzia filiformis (Goeze, 1782), Megalobatrachonema terdentatum (Linstow 1890) and Oxysomatium brevicaudatum (Zeder 1800) were found on banded newts. One nematode (Oxysomatium brevicaudatum) was found on southern crested newts. This is the first helminthological study of Triturus spp. in Turkey and is a new detection of Megalobatrachonema terdentatum in Turkey.