An Investigation into the Articles Published in Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Journal Between 1990- 2019 in Terms of Various Factors

Söner O., Duru H.

The Journal of Limitless Education and Research, vol.6, no.1, pp.119-151, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG) Journal continues to serve as one of the leading journals in the field of PCG, that has been published for many years, and constitutes a common framework for the field. To ensure the continuity of development in the field, on which subjects in the field of PCG are periodically focused, what causes of periodical subject weights might be, how the research methods used in the studies have changed from the past to the present, whether or not the techniques applied in the data analysis have developed, it seems important to find answers to questions about whether the sample may have been used. This study adopts content analysis, one of the qualitative research methods. In this study, content analysis of 439 articles published in Turkish Psychological Counseling Journal from past to present was done. As a result of the articles examined, type of research, province of study, subject of study, analysis techniques used, sample group, and number of authors were investigated. According to the findings obtained, the highest quantitative research was found for the research type in the Turkish PCG journal; university students was found as the sample group; review as an analysis technique; marriage as a subject; the province from which the sample group was selected was Ankara. Finally, the number of authors in the articles was determined for the studies with one author. The results of the study were discussed in the light of the literature and suggestions were made for the researchers.