A technical and economic assessment on generating energy from wind in the southern Marmara Region (Turkey)


Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research, vol.30, no.SPEC .ISS.1, pp.189-194, 2012 (Scopus) identifier


In this study some locations of importance in terms of wind potential in the Southern Marmara Region of Turkey were examined and a technical and economic assessment of wind energy generation in these locations was conducted. In this context Bandirma, Canakkale, Gokceada and Bozcaada sites are the ones that are taken into consideration. Despite the fact that evaluations concerning other sites in the same region were also made, these sites were not included in the study since no significant result could be obtained from them. Through the consideration of daily, monthly and yearly wind speed values and frequency distributions, it was determined that Bandirma, Canakkale, Gokceada and Bozcaada sites have bigger wind energy potential than the others. The amount of energy that can be generated with a Nordex N117 wind turbine at 91 m and 140 m hub heights were respectively calculated as 7,946.7 and 8,622.0 MWh/year in Bandirma, 7,621.0 and 8,531.2 MWh/year in Canakkale, 7,025.3 and 7,633.1 MWh/year in Gokceada and 11,873.6 and 1,234.3 MWh/year in Bozcaada. According to the averages of the 33-36 years wind measurement data, the costs of the energy that can be generated with the mentioned turbines were calculated as 0.021-0.019 US$/kWh in Bandirma, 0.022-0.019 US$/kWh in Canakkale, 0.024-0.022 US$/kWh in Gokceada and 0.014-0.013 US$/kWh in Bozcaada. © Sila Science.