Pollen Production and Quality of Pepper Grown in Unheated Greenhouses During Winter and the Effects of Bumblebees Bombus Terrestris Pollination on Fruit Yield and Quality

ABAK K., Daşgan H., İkiz O., Uygun N., İPEK M., Kaftanoğlu O., ...More

Seventh International Symposium On Pollination, 23 - 28 June 1996, pp.303-307 identifier identifier


Quantity and quality of pollen in pepper grown in low temperature greenhouses and the effects of Bumblebee pollination on fruit yield and quality were investigated. The number of pollen grains produced in February, March and April were 4.05 x 10(5), 2.89 x 10(5) and 4.07 x 10', respectively. Viability of pollen was 47.0%, 31.5%, 61.8% and pollen germination ratios In vitro were 1.0%, 3.0% and 17.0% for these months respectively. The average pepper yield, weight of fruit, diameter of fruit and the number of seeds increased 4.0%, 10.0%, 6.0% and 12.5%, respectively in the Bumblebee pollinated group compared to the control group in greenhouse trials. Similarly, in commercial greenhouses the average early and total yields increased 29.6% and 22.4%; and fruit weight, diameter, volume and flesh thickness were also positively influenced.