Economic Analysis and Marketing Margins of the Peach Market in Turkey


KSU TARIM VE DOGA DERGISI-KSU JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURE AND NATURE, vol.24, no.2, pp.379-387, 2021 (ESCI) identifier identifier


In the study, it is aimed to analyze the market of peaches, which is becoming more and more important with its features such as creating raw materials for the food industry, contributing to human health, being an energy source and fertilizer. Data set is based on data between 2003-2017 obtained from TUIK and TOB statistics. The data includes; producer and consumer prices, production, consumption, export, import, and input prices. In order to analyze the Turkey peach market, models related to supply and demand functions were estimated, marketing margin and chain index calculations were made. Regression estimation results show that fertilizer price has a negative relationship with the production and labor price has a positive relationship with the production. It has been determined that the factor that has a positive effect on demand is population. It has been calculated that according to real prices, the average marketing margin is 0.60 TL kg(-1), share of the producer in consumer's price is 53.92%. The share of producer in consumer's price, which was average 60.92% between 2008 and 2011, decreased to 48.28% by 2017. This is an indication that the producer receives a lower share of the market earnings every year. For the benefit of both producers and consumers, it is important to encourage farmers to establish foundations such as cooperatives, that can reduce the marketing margin and increase the profit of the producer.