Leakage Analysis of the RSOR Algorithm

Hatun M.

Uludağ University Journal of The Faculty of Engineering, vol.26, no.1, pp.325-344, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The RSOR algorithm is a recursive algorithm that has been proposed as an alternative to the RLS algorithm for updating adaptive filter parameters. As with other algorithms, the forgetting factor, filter length and relaxation parameter significantly affects the performance of the RSOR algorithm. In this study, using an adaptive FIR filter in system identification mode, the effect of forgetting factor, filter length and relaxation parameter on the leakage phenomenon of the RSOR algorithm was analyzed. For this purpose, firstly, the effect of measurement noise on the adaptive filter output, namely the leakage phenomenon, was explained analytically, and then the influence of the forgetting factor and other filter parameters on this leakage phenomenon was examined. The results obtained from the simulation studies are compared with similar algorithms.