The effect of growing media and crop loads on yield and some quality properties of table grape cultivars grown in soilless culture

Özer P. C.

Other, pp.1-176, 2017

  • Publication Type: Other Publication / Other
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Page Numbers: pp.1-176
  • Bursa Uludag University Affiliated: No


         In this study, as plant materials, Prima and the Early Sweet table grape varieties grown in the soilless culture system were used. In these varieties, three different growing media namely, Cocopeat, Perlite:Peat, Basaltic pumice and 10 and 20 clusters/vine crop loads for Prima; 10 and 15 clusters/vine crop loads for Early Sweet variety were tested. In order to determine the effects of the applications, phenological stages, grape yield and some quality characteristics were observed. On both varieties, Cocopeat and Perlite:Peat media were found superior to the Basaltic Pumice in terms of cluster, berry and juice characteristics. The highest grape yields were in the 20 cluster/vine crop loads for Prima and with 15 cluster/vine crop loads for Early Sweet varieties, grown in Perlite:Peat medium by 42 t ha⁻¹ and 38 t ha⁻¹ grape yield, respectively. The obtained cluster weigts from the experimental field were in extra class according to the TS-101 standards, Total Soluble Solids and maturity index values were higher in Cocopeat and Perlite+Peat media than that of basaltic pomza for both varieties. In general, analysis of the leaf samples taken at two different sampling time from both varieties showed lower values than the optimal limits of N, P, K, Ca, Fe and Zn, but were higher than the limit values of Cu and Mg elements. As nutrient element level of the fruit samples, it is observed that P, K, Ca and Na values were lower; Cu, Mn, Fe and Zn values were higher than the limit values of elements. As a result of considering these evaluations, it was found that 20 cluster/per plant for Prima, 15 cluster/per plant for Early Sweet grown in the Perlite:Peat medium was appropriate for obtaining sufficient grape yield and quality level.