Comments on a Book of Hulusi Behcet with the Name of the Therapy of Oriental Sore with Diathermy

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Erdemir A., Erer S.

Journal of the International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine, vol.8, no.15, pp.71-77, 2010 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Prof.Dr.Hulusi Behçet (1889-1948) is a famous Turkish physician. He translated many foreign articles into Turkish to help the education of new
generations and published original case reports in the international reviews in order to make contact with foreign countries. Moreover, he published
many books. He also studied on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Moreover, Hulusi Behcet also published 126 national and international articles between
1921-1940. Fifty-three of those appeared in prestigious European Scientific Journals. Prof. Dr. Hulusi Behcet died on March 8, 1948.
We know that Cutaneous Leishmaniasis which is formed by parasites belonging to Leishmania genus and is infected with vector phlebotomus can be
seen in many regions of the world and has been known in Mediterrenean Region and Middle East for centuries. But, the first scientific knowledge about Cutaneous Leishmaniasis’ Epidemiology was seen after the eighteenth century. Many Turkish researchers like Celal Mu htar, Hulusi Behcet and some foreign scientists investigated some subjects about this disease.
Leishmaniasis (Oriental Sore) was another disease which Dr. Behçet worked on, beginning in 1923. He wrote many articles about it and succeeded in its treatment with diathermy. He first described “the nail sign” appearing by the removal of the crust of an Oriental Sore. Hulusi Behçet wrote an important book with the name of the Therapy of Oriental Sore with Diathermy (Şark Çıbanının Diyatermi İle Tedavisi in Turkish) . This book is 23 pages. In this book , the therapeutical ways of Oriental Sore and some cases are present. Moreover, Dr. Behçet mentions diathermy in his book.
In this paper, Prof.Dr.Hulusi Behçet’s biography and his book with the name of the Therapy of Oriental Sore are stressed and some comments are pointed out.