Investigation of Energy Efficiency of Servo Motor Drive Hybrid Press Brake System: A Comparative Study with a Traditional Application

Pehlivanoğlu Ö., Erzan Topçu E., Çelik E. C.

The Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering & Science, vol.13, no.2, pp.125-136, 2022 (Scopus)


In this study, an energy consumption comparison of the conventional valve-controlled and variable speed pump-controlled press brake systems was carried out experimentally. The envisaged studies have been applied to the 80-ton press brake. In conventional valve-controlled systems, the flow rate is adjusted with the help of a proportional valve while the required  ow in the variable-speed pump-controlled system is provided by changing the pump speed with using of a servo motor. From the results obtained, it has been seen that 54% energy saving can be achieved in 100 cycles, and the amount of oil used has also been reduced.