Entire Wiener index of graphs

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Saleh A., Alqesmah A., Alashwali H., CANGÜL İ. N.

Communications in Combinatorics and Optimization, vol.7, no.2, pp.227-245, 2022 (ESCI) identifier identifier


© 2022 The authors.Topological indices are graph invariants computed usually by means of the distances or degrees of vertices of a graph. In chemical graph theory, a molecule can be modeled by a graph by replacing atoms by the vertices and bonds by the edges of this graph. Topological graph indices have been successfully used in determining the structural properties and in predicting certain physicochemical properties of chemical compounds. Wiener index is the oldest topological index which can be used for ana- lyzing intrinsic properties of a molecular structure in chemistry. The Wiener index of a graph G is equal to the sum of distances between all pairs of vertices of G. Recently, the entire versions of several indices have been introduced and studied due to their ap- plications. Here we introduce the entire Wiener index of a graph. Exact values of this index for trees and some graph families are obtained, some properties and bounds for the entire Wiener index are established. Exact values of this new index for subdivision and k-subdivision graphs and some graph operations are obtained.