Review on finite element analysis of dental implants

Büyük F. N. , Savran E., Karpat F.

Journal of Dental Implant Research, vol.41, no.3, pp.50-63, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Dental implants are structures of high importance, as in other implant studies used in the biomedical field. The jawbone is a structure of such importance that it affects the nutritional functions of the living thing with which it is integrated. Therefore, intervention in this structure is of high importance. Parts for use in the biomedical field can be produced using numerical analysis, thus saving time and cost. In addition, the level of trust increases in the living being where the dental implant is applied. This paper reviews studies using the finite element method for the numerical analysis of dental implants. The analysis revealed important conditions, such as groove type, material, osseointegration status, splinting, dimensions, neck region, and fatigue strength of the dental implant.