Adopting a different mindset: Encouraging students to use English in the classroom.

Yeşilbursa A. A. J. A.

Other, pp.23-29, 2020

  • Publication Type: Other Publication / Other
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Page Numbers: pp.23-29
  • Bursa Uludag University Affiliated: Yes


One of our goals as English teachers is to set up an activity and have all of our students communicating with each other in English to complete it. However, in the largely monolingual classrooms that we have in Turkey, this goal can seem to be an ELT nirvana that very few of us are fortunate enough to achieve in the span of our careers. As such, many of us may adopt the “a monolingual class can’t communicate completely in English” mindset and slip into a rut of acceptance. The result? Our students don’t speak any English at all. In this article, I will briefly touch upon the speech production process to underline the theory of why it is challenging to speak in a foreign language. Understanding these challenges can give us a basis from which we can help our students to develop their speaking skills. I will then turn to our teacher mindsets regarding how to increase students’ use of English. I will conclude by presenting a technique for you to try out in your own classrooms.