Economics Values of Supplier Resource in Mountain Forest Ecosystems: The Case of Uludag National Park

Uzel G., Gürlük S.

Journal of Biological and Environmental Sciences, vol.16, no.47, pp.9-21, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


As a source of livelihood and sustainable development, the sources of supply crops in ecosystems have been widely accepted.

However, the efforts made to evaluate these resources in a comprehensive way remained at a low level. In this research, it is

aimed to make comprehensive estimations of the benefits of the supplier products found in Uludag National Park (UNP). Six

main supplier product groups have been identified. Agricultural production, industrial wood, firewood, grazing, beekeeping

and other non-wood forest products. The data were obtained from the units of Bursa Forestry Regional Directorate that make

up the UNP. The obtained data were evaluated economically by various techniques. The results of the research showed that

the supply products in the UNP provide an annual benefit of $12 488 974 and 985.63/ha. In this context, the research reveals

the degree of importance of the benefits provided by the supplier products. It also discusses policies that can be implemented

to increase rural income and improve forest protection in the UNP region.