The Views on KPSS (Public Personnel Selection Exam) of Undergraduate Students and Trainees Enrolled At A Pedagoical Formation Program

Gokce F.



This study was conducted to canvass the views on KPSS of undergraduate students and trainees enrolled at a pedagoical formation program. To do that, a semi-structured interview form was used. The participants were 60 4th year students at the 14 departments of Uludag University Education Faculty at 2012-2013 academic year and 52 pedagogical formation trainees from 12 different fields. The views canvassed through the interview form were interpreted after converted into themes. The findings suggest that 41% of the undergraduate students consider KPSS needless while 38.3% of them and 53.8% of the formation group deem it necessary. 60% of the undergraduate students and 78.8% of the formation group think there is no relationship between course performances and KPSS grades. 86.7% of the undergraduate students and 84.6% of the formation group think KPSS is not sufficient on its own to be a teacher. More than half of both the groups think that the contents of KPSS and faculty courses partially match. 55% of the undergraduate students and 84.6% of the formation group confirm the need for private teaching institutions. Nearly half of both the groups say their lecturers informed them about KPSS to some extent but the faculty administration did not try hard enough to do that. More than 60% of both the groups believe in a. field exam.. These results suggest that KPSS is questionable in terms of the extent to which it is adopted its takers.