Investigation of pozzolanic activity of recycled concrete powder: Effect of cement fineness, grain size distribution and water/cement ratio

Kaya Y., Aytekin B., Kaya T., Mardani A.

MATERIALS TODAY : PROCEEDINGS, no.x, pp.1-7, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, the effect of fineness and grain size distribution of the cement used in the source concrete

from which the recycled materials were obtained and its water/cement ratio on the pozzolanic activity of

recycled mortar powder were investigated. The specimens, whose strength values were determined,

were first ground to a small size with the help of a jaw crusher and then ground into powder in a ball

mill. The usability of the powder material passing through the 0.075 mm sieve as a binder was investigated.

It was determined that the pozzolanic activity index of the recycled powders varied between 54%

and 84%.