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Gürgen İ.

in: PROF. DR. RECEP YILDIRIM’A ARMAĞAN, Pınar Pınarcık,Bilcan Gökçe,Mehmet Salih Erkek,Sena Coşğun Kandal, Editor, BİLGİN KÜLTÜR SANAT YAYINLARI, Ankara, pp.447-457, 2017

  • Publication Type: Book Chapter / Chapter Vocational Book
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • City: Ankara
  • Page Numbers: pp.447-457
  • Editors: Pınar Pınarcık,Bilcan Gökçe,Mehmet Salih Erkek,Sena Coşğun Kandal, Editor


Mythology is the whole work of interpreting and examining all the oral and written myths about the creation of gods, heroes, the universe and humanbeing in a religion or culture of a people, and the births and meanings of these myths. The origin of mythology is beliefs. It gives information about the way of life and rules. It influences art as well as a source of society literature. The economic, political and cultural interactions among the societies also show themselves in mythology. In this respect, Mesopotamian and Anatolian influences can be seen on Cyprus mythology. Cyprus, which is an important point in geopolitics, has been associated with various civilizations since the prehistoric times and has been under the influence of these civilizations. Traces of this interaction are seen The economic, political and social life of Cyprus, as well as its religious beliefs in art and architecture. An example of this is the Aphrodite in Cyprus. The cult of the goddess, who was originally known to have originated in the east, has gradually been settled in the island and adopted as a Cypriot goddess.