Examination of the views of the music academics’ about impact of using of electronic devices (smartphone, tablet) on the training of the music students

Körner P.

Journal for the Interdisciplinary Art and Education, vol.2, no.2, pp.141-155, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


It is projected to investigate the use of smart-technological devices by students and their impact on music students. Today, it is believed that it is important to raise awareness by examining and uncovering smart-technological devices in terms of their use and form. Responses and suggestions from academics in this field are focused on. The responses of academicians who participated within the research from different conservatories were collected to select a group of 10. As a data collection tool in the research, the interview form was emailed to the academicians. In the research, positive and negative responses were separated and put in Codes and placed in the data analysis. As a result of the research, the positive and negative effects of technological devices on music students and the impact of these effects on students will be examined. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the issue of smart technology addiction among students should be further studied. It is useful to organize seminars to raise awareness in schools about the excessive and unnecessary use of smart technology, which can become a problem without cooperation from schools, families, and students.