Neuroscience Study Group is an unofficial scientific assembly founded voluntarily by a number of Bursa Uludag University scientists who work in the area of neurosciences. The group was established on January 5, 2018, when the first meeting was organized. The group gathers periodically from then on, in terms of such activities as meetings and presentations. Members of the group include academicians and masters/graduate students from the departments of Anatomy, Biophysics, Physiology, Histology and Embriology, Immunology, Pharmacology and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Faculty of Medicine, department of Physiology at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and departments of Mathematics and Psychology at Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The aim of Neuroscience Study Group is to discuss neuroscience studies at the university, search ways of progression, mediate new collaborations and contribute to education of young scientists enamored of neuroscience research. Hence, the goal of the group is to enhance the competence of Bursa Uludag University in the area of neuroscience research at national and international scale.