Space as a Concept in Art


The International Journal of the Arts in Society: Annual Review, vol.6, 2011 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Abstract: The sense of art has been changing for centuries because of various reasons. In this article

that act of changing was studied. In this investigation, three basic terms were identified in terms of

space usage on Works of art. The first term started by Ancient Greek art and continued till Giotto and

Dürer. The second term of this evolution continued from Renaissance to Cubism. It can be stated that

Cubism is the second breakpoint in art after Renaissance and thus,a new spatial perception was determined.

Both of these two developments was seen especially on elements of visual art. Art was also

quite affected by the social events all around the world in 1960’s. This effect caused Postmodern art

movements. It can be said that these movements were started by Buren and Asher. These artists aimed

to investigate the effects of exhibition galleries on by the works which they used with the space actively.

It can be accepted that the third turning point in art history was the Postmodern art works searching

for the importance of space in art. Space concept used on all art applications is the main topic of this


Keywords: Art, Space, Perspective, Dimension