Exploring the Pragmatic Awareness and Competence of EFL Instructors at Tertiary Level

Korkmaz S., Karatepe Ç.

Anadolu Journal of Educational Sciences International , vol.13, no.1, pp.34-55, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The aim of this study is to investigate the perceptions of EFL instructors employed in the Schools of Foreign Languages of various universities in Turkey concerning their awareness of pragmatics and pragmatic competence. The sequential mixed method design was used in this descriptive study. The researchers administered a 12-item questionnaire with 61 participants to collect the quantitative data. In addition, to delve into the results obtained from the quantitative data, a two-session focus group interview was conducted with 10 participants to obtain the qualitative data. With regards to data analysis, the data obtained from the quantitative part of the questionnaire were analyzed using descriptive statistics. For the qualitative part of the research, inductive content analysis was applied to analyze the perceptions of EFL instructors to be able to ascertain their pragmatic awareness and competence. The results revealed that EFL instructors at the tertiary level had a moderate level of awareness of pragmatics and teaching pragmatics. Most university instructors underscored that they recognize the value of instructing students about pragmatics and cross-cultural issues. Accordingly, they attempt to adopt teaching strategies and practices that consider the needs of the linguistically and culturally diverse students. The outcomes of this study will be of use to foreign language instructors, curriculum designers and policymakers to act and recognize the importance of teaching of pragmatics in foreign language education. Keywords: pragmatics, pragmatic awareness, pragmatic competence, teaching pragmatics