A TREATISE ON PREDESTINATION - Sharh Hadith Ihtijaj Adam wa-Musa of Qutb al-Din-zada al-Izniqi -


ILAHIYAT STUDIES-A JOURNAL ON ISLAMIC AND RELIGIOUS STUDIES, vol.6, no.1, pp.75-120, 2015 (ESCI) identifier identifier


The hadith that is well-known in Islamic theology as "Ihtijaj Adam wa-Musa/Discussion between Adam and Moses" often comes to the fore in debates about predestination because of its content. Almost any scholar studying fate has an affirmative or contrary comment on this hadith. The Ottoman scholar Qutb al-Din-zada al-Izniqi (d. 885/1480) was among those who analyzed the hadith. He joined the discussion with a specific treatise that became important on this issue. As a Sufi scholar, he treated the hadith through the Sufi approach and brought a different point of view. This study seeks to introduce the precious treatise by Qutb al-Din-zada to present scientific circles through analysis, interpretation, and translation.