Establishment of Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) for Dairy Sector

Güldaş M. (Executive), Gürbüz O., Yıldız E., Düven G., Onbaşı E.

Erasmus Project, 2022 - 2026

  • Project Type: Erasmus Project
  • Begin Date: May 2022
  • End Date: May 2026

Project Abstract

Continuous globalisation of markets, accelerating technological development, demographic shifts, changing eating patterns, and the urgent need for a green transformation of our society are creating immense challenges and opening new opportunities across sectors in Europe. This is also very much the case for the Dairy sector. Milk is a complete food offering a balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and all vitamins and minerals required to sustain life. Dairy products derived from milk provide a cost-effective, readily available source of high-quality protein, calcium and vitamins A and D in the diet. It is an important source of nutrition in both developed and developing countries, yet many people fail to reach the recommended daily intake.

The Dairy sector is at a pivotal point in its development with several pressing challenges and various growth opportunities. The Excellence in Dairy learning proposal has been carefully designed to address these.