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Testing international parity conditions for Turkey: A multivariate cointegration analysis in the presence of structural breaks

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The effect of human resource development on the firm growth: Evidence from Turkish automotive industry

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Do Institutions Matter for Economic Performance Evidence from Turkey

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An Emprical Investigation on Airline Deregulation in Turkey

Euro-Asia Forum in Politics, Economics and Business, 21 - 22 July 2016

Measuring the Economic Effects of Deregulation Evidence from the Turkish Airline Industry

Annual Meeting of American Law and Economics Association, New York, United States Of America, 15 - 16 May 2015

The effects of economic regulation: Evidence from the Istanbul and New York taxicab markets

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A regional development index proposal for NUTS2 level region in Turkey

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Long–run linkages between financial development, openness and economic growth in Turkey

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Local Financial Development and Capital Accumulations: Evidence from Turkey

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The role of physical, human and social capital in financial development differences: An analysis of Turkish provinces

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The role of physical, human and social capital in regional financial development differences: An analysis of Turkish provinces

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A threshold regression estimation of phillips curve: Evidence from Turkey’

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