Ali al-Qari's epistle "al-Maashrab al-Wardi fi Madhhab al-Mahdi and his analysis on the sectarian identity of al-Mahdi

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2016

Thesis Language: Turkish




Different orders madhhab in religion were started to be seen widely amongst Muslims from the fourth hegira century on. Disagreements on secondary subjects have always been an issue among religious orders. Because of differences many questions have arisen. This study focuses on the Mahdi's religious order, which is one of the ques-tions that have been frequently asked. In this study, the question "which religious order will the Mahdi belong to" has been evaluated by considering different sources. Refusals on the idea from "al-Mashrab al-Wardi fi Madhhab al-Mahdi" by Ali el- Kârî, whose basis is that the Mahdi will join either Abu Hanifa or Imam al-Shafii, have been analyzed and different hand-written manuscripts have been compared. In order to be objective, all the sources used in the study were chosen and read in the original scripts. At the end of this study, it has been stated that the claims on the Mahdi's re-ligious order cannot be determined because these claims are not explicitly expressed in the scriptures and are against true logic. It has also been argued that the Mahdi could only be the leading scholar (Mujtahid) not a follower (Muqallid), which is why he cannot belong to any religious orders.