Formal religion policy in Albania and the its effects of religious life: (1944-1985)

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Turkey

Approval Date: 2012

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: ANİS QAFA

Supervisor: Vejdi Bilgin


There are less number of studies are held related to religion sociology in Albania. Having been studied mostly by Christian Scholars not Islamic Scholar, these works show us they are studied according to Christian Belief. The first reason why we interested in this topic "Formal Religion Policy in Albania And Its Effects of Religious Life (1944 - 1985)" is that it has not been studied before during Communist Regime in Albania. Until the Democracy Period how Islam Religion be alive, what kind of struggles has it lived is completely unknown. Both elderly and youngsters are unable to remember the gloomy and grief days of that period. We try to express wrongs towards not only Islam but also Christian Religion in our study. Since, in that period mosques and churches were demolished at the same time by the regime followers. Despite the fact that this thesis is interested in either Muslims or Christians, it tells about today's Muslims and Christians.