The cri̇ti̇cal edi̇ti̇on of Sadr al Shari̇a al-Sani̇'s al-Nugaya

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2014

Thesis Language: Turkish




Ubaidullah bin Mas'ud al-Mahbubi is one of the biggest Imam's of Islam. Everybody goes to him if they name any issues. On his period of time. He knows every rules of Sharia. Everything is one his mind. There's brenches of his Islam. He wrote and told on his book. I checked every book at Ubeydullah bin Mesut al-Mahbubi nobody went against him and criticized him. Everybody trusted his noligece and his knowns. His books are short but has a lot of meanings. His books are like treasure when you start reading this book. You don't need another books. The book of Hidaya issues Nuqaya has it too, but with no evidence. In 7th century (Islamic Calendar ) This book was most important of sects of Hanefis. The student memorized every details of his book and the teachers gave lesson about this book they analyzed every word . Nuqaya summarizess the book "Wiqaya" summarize the book perfectly but this summary was a lot of meanings. Wiqaya book was summary he book at Weqaye but he didnt follow the book script of Wiqaya but he apporiate the book. The sect of hanefi teachers said to read and memory the book of Wiqaya because the pragraphs of his book is most trust worth and has a strong meanings. Thats why the teachers told to read and memorize. The other reason that teachers says if doesnt have the seeings of other sects. A lot of scholars expoud this book. One the most important of scholar is Kari and Kuhistani. This book covers everything of the islamic canon laws except the legacy. Because they don't explain the legacy beacuse legacy don't pass in the book of Weqaye . In his books his Fatwas was his period of time. İn this book prefes he ideas of Mahammed and Yusuf to Ebu Hanife his ideas. Imam Zufer his ideas any passes "Talak" (divorce). Finally this book came to world for onetime any and nobody will ever write a book like this . One time ever.