The yoruba family structure in nigeria

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Turkey

Approval Date: 2007

Thesis Language: Turkish


Supervisor: Vejdi Bilgin


The Yoruba tribe has a very old and rich history. Also all African tribes are very rich in culture but Yoruba Tribe owns the most important culture among them all. Yoruba Tribe can be treated in two forms; The Traditional Yoruba Tribe and The Modern Yoruba Tribe that is formed from the existence of western education, industrialization and advance technology. The traditional religion is the religion being practised by the traditional Yoruba people. They have believe in many gods but there is one among these other gods that is believed as the greatest (olorun). According to Yoruba believes, the other small gods will take them to and represent them in front of that greatest God. These small gods are; Sango, Obatala, Orunmila, Ogun, e.t.c. Apart from this, they believe in some superstitions and forbiddens acts but all these believes change from one family to another. These believes really affect their cultures, deeds, thoughts and even their life style. Also the word family is very important among the Traditional Yoruba Tribe. So far marriage is the basic root of the family, marriage too is very important among them. Polygamous family structure is the most common type of family structure as far as polygamous marriage is the most common type of marriage among them. The Modern Yoruba Tribe has accepted two new religions (Islam and Christianity) and no more interested in the traditional religion. These two new accepted religions really affect the cultures, thought, deeds and even the life style of the modern Yoruba people. Just like the monogamous marriage can be found among the modern Youba tribe, polygamous marriage too can be found. That is, the nuclear family structure can be found among Modern Yoruba Tribe as well as extended family structure. The nuclear family structure is common among the Yoruba christians while the extended family structure is common among the Yoruba muslims. There are many changes that has occured between The Traditional Yoruba Tribes era and The Modern Yoruba Tribes era. One reason for this is that the V traditional believes, cultures and deeds has lost their effects on Yoruba people with time. In another word, it is either they have changed or no more existing. Another reason is that the two new accepted religions (Islam and Christianity) has big effects on Yoruba people of nowadays. The other reason is the existence of western education, industrialization and technology and their effects on Yoruba people. Finally, compare to Traditional Yoruba Tribe, divorce is much more common among The Modern Yoruba Tribe so far the factors for divorce are much more common among The Modern Yoruba People.