Görsel sanatlar öğretmenlerinin sürdürülebilirlik kavramını kazandırmaya yönelik görüşleri

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Bursa Uludağ University, EĞİTİM BİLİMLERİ ENSTİTÜSÜ, Resim İş Eğitimi Bilim Dalı, Turkey

Approval Date: 2023

Thesis Language: Turkish


Supervisor: Berna Coşkun Onan


Man is a part of nature during his lifetime. Nature, on the other hand, existed in the universe, whose beginning and end were unknown, even before the existence of man. Man, who is in a constant development and transformation, aimed to use his power against nature, to shape objects, to give new forms to them with his effort to shape himself and his environment, and while striving for this with the concern of survival, he started to establish superiority over nature over time and shaped nature in line with his own interests. While doing this, natural resources, technique and art were used. Art is the expression of imagination and creativity, which exists in every period of human history, and which is used by the individual to express her feelings and thoughts, with different methods. Art supports individuals to organize their social relations, to be productive, to have original approaches and to think creatively. Art has also undertaken the role of raising public awareness about environmental problems such as pollution of the natural environment, consumption of resources and destruction by industrial wastes. With the active participation of students, it is expected that the teacher will take responsibility and convey a sustainable lifestyle to the students as a means of reaching more people for an effective and systematic art education in developing positive attitudes towards environmental education and the concept of sustainability, raising awareness and creating behavioral changes. Therefore, teachers should be well-equipped in terms of knowledge, perspective and values on sustainable development education, and should assimilate sustainability personally. In this research, it is aimed to get the opinions of visual arts teachers on the subject of sustainability in the structuring of teaching activities. Descriptive research, one of the quantitative research designs, was used in the research. The sample consists of visual arts teachers working in the second level of primary education in private and public schools throughout Türkiye. As a data collection tool, a questionnaire prepared on the acquisitions related to the basic learning areas was used. The findings were interpreted in detail and the results were classified and explained in the context of teachers' opinions. It was discussed in the context of the relevant literature and necessary suggestions were made to researchers, program developers, administrators and teachers.