The effects of “Thank You” Gratitude Education Program (TYGEP) on gratitude levels of school counselors

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Bursa Uludağ University, Eğitim Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Turkey

Approval Date: 2020

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Emine Kocatepe



The main purpose of this study is to develope “Thank You” Gratitude Education Program-School Counselor Version (TYGEP-C) and examine the effectiveness of the program on school counselors’ gratitude levels. With TYGEP-C, it is aimed that school counselors recognize gratitude, realize their experience of gratefulness in daily life and develop their skills of expressing their gratitude, as well as discover what kind of schoolbased work they can do to become a part of school culture. The effectiveness of the program is based on an experimental model with three measurements (pretest-posttest-follow-up test) and two groups (experiment-control group) and a total of 30 school counselors (experiment group N = 15, 11 women and 4 men; control group N = 15, 10 women and 5 men). While the experimental group received TYGEP-C which lasted 7.5 hours - 5 weeks (90 minutes per session), no treatment was performed on the control group within the same time frame. All statistical analyzes were carried out by using SPSS for Windows 21.0. Mann Whitney U Test and Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test were used to analyze the data. The results of a series of Mann Whitney U Tests showed that the program significantly increased the gratitude total scores of the experimental group members in the posttest and follow-up measurements compared to the control group members. In addition, in the program's gratefulness subscale scores analysis; when the results of the two groups were compared, a significant difference was found in favor of the experimental group in all three subscale scores. According to the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test results, TYGEP-C was effective in increasing the gratitude total scores of the experimental group members between the pretest and posttest, and the pretest and follow-up measurements. In terms of all three gratitude subscales, TYGEP-C has been found effective in increasing gratitude in the experimental group from pre-test to post-test. However, there was no significant difference in the total gratitude score and gratitude subscale scores for the control group members. Finally, according to the qualitative data obtained with the “TYGEP-C Evaluation Form", the school counselors found the program effective and reported that they were pleased to participate in the program.