Determination of the land cover/use types and their temporal changes at the Uludağ Universty Campus area using by remote sensing (RS) and geographic information system (GIS) techniquese

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2006

Thesis Language: Turkish




The main objectives of the study were to produce past and present land cover/usemaps of the U.Ü. Görükle Campus area using by remote sensing and GIS techniques and toinvestigate the temporal changes of the land cover/use types.For this aim, 1:5000 scaled black and white orto-photos taken in 1984 with IKONOSdigital satellite data captured in 2004 were gathered from head of city information systemdirectorate of Bursa Big City Municipality and stored into the computer by using scanner,digitizer, CD-ROM and keyboard. Then all the stored digital data was converted to the ILWISand ERDAS image processing and GIS software formats. Image enhancement and mosaiking,geographic correction, visual interpretation and screen digitizing, map and table calculationprocedures were applied to produce land cover/use maps of the U.Ü. Campus area in 1984and 2004 and to determine land cover/use changes for the 20 years period.The results indicated that the coverage area of the U.Ü. Campus was determined to be14315,2 decare in 1984 and 14250,1 decare in 2004. Based on land cover/use map of theU.Ü. Campus produced from orto-photo interpretation 31,8 % of the study area is covered byagricultural lands (4563,6 decare). The remaining 22,7 %, 21,5 % and 19,2 % of the total areais covered by reforested area, bare land and forests, respectively. Only 4,3 % of the total areais used for the settlement in the years of 1984.In the years of 2004, according to land cover/use map of the U.Ü. Campus producedby using IKONOS image 45,7 % of the total area is covered by forest (6540,1 decare). Thisland cover is followed by agricultural land, settlement area, bare land and trees-shrubs coversas a rate of 25,4 %, 12,5 %, 8,5 % and 5,4 % respectively.According to 20 years period, the results obtained by the comparisition of thecoverage area of land cover/use types in 1984 and 2004 land cover/use maps also showed thatwhile coverage areas of forest and settlements are increased as a rate of 137,4 % and 184,3%, coverage areas of bare and agricultural lands are decreased as a rate of 60,8 % and 20,7% respectively.