UU An investigation on determination of irrigation system capacity and system planning in the Agricultural Research and Application Center land

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 1995

Thesis Language: Turkish




In this study, water copsumtion, irrigation water requirements and irrigation scheduling of some crops being grovvn in the Research and Application Çenter of Agricultural Faculty of Uldağ University were determined by FAO Modified Penman-Monteith Method. As a result of this study, total irrigation water requirements of sugar beets, sunflower, winter wheat and alfalfa were respectively found 8313 mm, 657.5 mm, 172.5 na and 937.5 mm. At the same conditions, irrigation scheduling of these cropsareas follows: 83 mm water for sugar beet with 11 days interval, 82.5 mm water for sunflower with 10 days interval, 86.5 mm water for winter wheat vrith 13 days interval, 82.5 mm water for alfalfa beet with 16 days interval. In addition to this, total irrigation number of each crops was found 10 times for sugarbeet, 8 times for sunflower, 2 times for winter wheat and 10 times for alfalfa duringthe growing season. Attheand ofthis study, pressurzed (sprinkler) system was chosen as the most suitable irrigation system with taking İntO consjderatinn topographic and climatic conditions, soils, crops, water resources, economy and labour power in the Research Çenter. At last according to the results above mentioned that system was planned.