According to religious scholer of İdil-Ural problem isha prayer at in this region

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2013

Thesis Language: Turkish




Although the time and place matter of the salat cult, which is one of the 5 indispensible rules of İslam and the main part of the religion, was arranged with the help of the condition linked to the Sunna and some certain signs,there has been some different thoughts about this issue because of the spread of it to the many other part of the geographical field.By getting help from the time of night prayer in the province oo İdil-Ural, we have laid our foundation to our thesis.To give an end to this obstackle , we have collected all the information of the native erudites,their Works, and some other thesis related to this subject.First of all, for the times of salat are arranges according to astronomic and geographic condition, the information of İdil-Ural province was determined and the dawn which is a matter of question as a disagreement was also shown.After telling the features of the province contrasted, the biographical information of native erudites and especially their education lives for making a strong affect and showing a clear prof.In the third session which is is the backbone of the work,the studies and main prospectives collected from their works were given in a way that their different eyes to the case were seen easily.The views of native eridutes,general knowers and the ones who are into this subject for a long time are transferred .At the last part of our work,the general vievs of the erudites were displayed shortly and was purposed to reach an end by seeing the differences without any diffuculty.The erudites whose works are examined are mosty from the sect called Hanefi, and the religious people and the one who to say anything towards the natives should be familier with this in order to maket his work caunt as a beneficial source.