Identification of atmospheric pollen grains using a volumetric trap in Yalova province

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2010

Thesis Language: Turkish


Supervisor: ADEM BIÇAKÇI


In this study, airborne pollen grains and allergenic plants taxa of Yalova province were investigated using a hirst volumetric trap VPSS 2000 (Lanzoni) from 01th January 2004 to 31th December 2005.During two years period, a total of 56719 pollen grains / m³ which belonged to 46 taxa were recorded. From identified taxa, 27 belong to arboreal (79.83%) and 18 taxa to non - arboreal (11.94%) plants and Poaceaee (7.57%) and 0.66% unidentified pollen grains.In the investigated region, from arboreal plant taxa Platanus sp. (29.73%), Cupressaceae/Taxaceae (19.12%), Pinus sp. (6.64%), Alnus sp. (4.04%), Castanea sp. (3.51%), Quercus sp. (3.00%), Fraxinus sp. (2.50%), Olea sp. (1.97%), Corylus sp. (1.70%), Carpinus sp. (1.13%), Acer sp. (1.09%) and from non-arboreal plant taxa Poaceaee (7.57%), Ambrosia sp. (2.55%), Urticaceae (1.83%), Chenopodiaceae/ Amaranthaceae (1.58%), Mercurialis sp. (1.52%), Plantago sp. (1.31%) were responsible for the greatest amounts of pollen grains in two years. Maximun pollen concentration of investigated region is recorded in April (40.12%) and in May (16.37%).