Investigation of thermal sandwich panel wall system applied in residential buildings in terms of thermal comfort

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2006

Thesis Language: Turkish




21 st century requires a life style which constitutes a harmanious whole with its environment.For the effective use of sources, in terms of design, construction, operation usage,maintenance, demolishment and restoration processes of buildings and their environments, itis necessary to adopt a perspective which is sensitive to ecology. For this reason, sourcesand inputs such as power, water, material, land and capital, must be used effectively.Buildings must be constructed in such a way that they can provide effective energysaving. This is an issue which should be solved in a cooperation between disciplines andthis cooperation must begin from the of design stage.Conservation of energy is a very important factor in reconstruction sector like manyothers. For this purpose, in a world which is in the process of globalization, it isnecessary to design, construct and manage buildings so as to recoverenergy. Because of thegradully decreasing energy sources, some contries hove token measures against this issue.Most important of rose are the measures taken in the construction sector, which areresponsible for the considerable rate of energy loss. However, quality, time cast andestetict concerns hove led to search and invention of various systems. As result of thissearch for many years, isolated concrete sandwich panel system is used in number ofcountry of the world. In this study this system are examined with literature researchand its applicability is investigated in the housing scale according to the Regulationsof TS825 Rules of Isolations in Buildings. Foreign country thermal performance testresults about this system are evaluated and its applications in Turkey are examined.For this aim, a sample house has been chosen in Bursa and its energy requirement, heatloss, condensation and evaporation hove been examined with related graphic according tothe Regulations of TS 825 Rules of Isolation in Buildings. In order to perform perfectexamination of the thermal performance of sample house, different calculations hovebeen carried out for brick sandwich wall and gas concrete sandwich wall in terms offor day regions of Turkey and they were compared as tables and graphics.Calculations show that Isolated Concerete in Buildings. They also show thatmeasures must be taken against condensation problem. In this study, applicability ofIsolated Concrete Sandwich Panel System has been investigated in terms of thermalperformance and proposals hove been introduced about its applicability in Turkey.