Design of air suspension for railway vehicles, prototype manufacturing and determination of the mechanical performance

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2013

Thesis Language: Turkish


Supervisor: ALİ DURMUŞ


In this study, the design and prototype production of air spring has been effectuated; which is a part of the suspension systems of rail vehicles. The physical and mechanical properties of producted air springs were determined taking into account the revelant standards. In the scope of work, the production and testing machines that are used for manufacturing of air springs were also designed and manufactured. These production machines and testing machines show significant differences according to the ones that are used for the production of the air springs of road vehicles and their test methods. In order to manufacture and test the air springs, the machines that were designed and producted in the scope of this work has been used. For these air springs; designing, producting and supplying of vulcanizing presses, molds, confection machines and appropriate test machines were carried out with in the scope of work. There are no companies mentioned in our country have the means to production lines and testing machines. For this reason, the air springs used in rail vehicles are not being produced in our country. This springs are available as imported inputs. The scope of work, the design and production of springs that supplied by imports has been effectuated by using completely the resources of our country. In this way, dependence were reduced on the sector concerned. This study had contributed to spread of railways and increased the use of rail vehicles activites in Turkey. At the sime time by exporting of air springs to foreign markets, this will make a contrubution for increasing export capacity of our country. In scope of the work for determining mechanical performance of producted air spring, The Explode Test Machine, The Conveying-Widening and Life Test Machines were used. For analysing the mechanical properties of producted air springs; explode, conveying-widennig and life tests has been effectuated. After the tests, explode pressure of air springs, value of carrying load, horizontal and vertical spring coefficient values of air springs, the changes of the value of force in case of repeatedly loading were determined. Moreover, the value of carriying capacity of the air springs and the dimensional changes with in the horizontal displacement values were determined.