A research on unhealthy urbanization in terms of earthquake risks in the case of Bursa Soganlı Region

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2006

Thesis Language: Turkish




From the beginning of the first ages of history, human beings, with the instinct of sheltering and living together, have carried his living adventure from caves and hollows of trees to modern cities. In the development of this period, in other words in the transition of rural life to urban life, appealing and repulsive forces have been active factors of the developments that society has passed through. In the beginning of this development there is human beings passing to industrial society. By passing into industrial society, transportation facilities, opportunities and services that the cities submitted to people are increased. Feeling the need for productive power of industry, migration from rural to urban areas, in other words the fact of urbanization has appeared. Urbanization is accelerated in our country as well as in other countries after the World War II and it is still going on. The results of urbanization are related to political systems and strategies of countries during this transformation, The urbanization period in our country is crooked because of the politics that are followed and the wrong decisions. The biggest risk of unhealthy urbanization is not only low living standarts and negative environmental conditions but also the earthquake risk. In the introduction part of the thesis the aim extent and methods of this work is explained. The aim of this project is to define earthquake risks caused by unhealthy urbanization on structural scale and to set the precautions that should be taken. The methods used are literature work and observational area analysis. In the second part the definition of earthquake, its formation, seismic zones of Turkey and Bursa is searched thoroughly. At the end of the research it’s seen that Turkey is on the two main seismic zones, in the history a lot of destructive earthquakes had taken place and Bursa, which is an industrial city that is under a high risk of earthquake because of its location. In the third part of the thesis Turkey’s urbanization period and the place of earthquake facts in this period are given, planning and settlement decisions are examined. In the fourth part, the structural problems as a result of unhealthy urbanization and the factors increasing earthquake risks are studied. The studies that should be done before the earthquake, during the earthquake and after the earthquake to reduce the damages are explained in the fifth part. The studies that are done abroad and in our country about disaster management are explained according to the scale of Bursa. In the sixth part area studies are done. The analyis report which is formed to emphasize the earthquake risks of buildings which are in the area of Soğanlı Region, Kanalboyu Altıngül street is observed and a building which is chosen between these risky buildings is examined deeply. At the end of the analysis it is seen that in the Soğanlı region, there are a lot of risks as a result of unlicensed construction and precautions must be taken. It’s also observed that precautions that are taken before the earthquake reduces the risks as a part of disaster management in European countries whereas the studies in our country are not sufficiant. The risks that buildings have because of unhealthy urbanization are explained.