The faith of Mukallidin in Matüridi kalam school

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2006

Thesis Language: Turkish




In this study named the Belief of Imitators According to the Maturidian School ofIslamic Theology, stating the viewpoint of Maturidite School about this matter has beenworked.In the first chapter of the study, topics such as essential character of belief, relationshipbetween belief and performance of religious duties, increase and decrease in belief, belief andIslam and exceptions in belief have been scrutinized.In the second chapter of the research, the concepts of certainty (tahqiq) and imitation(taqlid), have been examined from the point of their terminologies as much as literally. Inconnection with these terms, referring to the matter of imitation and independent judgmentson the Law (ijtihad) discussed amongst the Schools of Law, and the matter of imitation andcertainty discussed amongst the Schools of Theology, the view of Schools of IslamicTheology on these matters have been tried to be established.The third chapter that constitutes the cornerstone of the study is allocated for statingthe Maturidite view over these matters and its explanation. For this aim, in addition to thegeneral sources in Islamic Theology, especially the books in line with the Schools of Hanafiteand the Maturidite schools which have been written since the time of Ebu Hanife up to nowhave been searched thoroughly as much as it could be attained.The problem of Imitators? Belief is one of the essential matters taken up by scholarsparticularly. Since the result of this matter directly engages the majority of Muslims.According to the Maturidite School, an imitator?s belief is sound but he is responsible for hedoes not strengthen his belief by proofs. In the Maturidite sources, the parts related to theaforesaid matters are generally an antithesis to the view of ?an imitator?s belief is not sound?held by Mutazilites, Abu al-Hasan al-Ashari and some other theologians.Throughout our research, opinions attributed to the scholars of the Mu?tazilites andsome Ash?arites which are taken up in detail and rejected by Maturidite sources cannot beobtained with ?clear? expressions in their own sources.This study is essential owing to the point of view that from various aspects itexamines the standpoint of the Maturidite School about the matter of ?imitators? Belief? onwhich lost of discussions have been occurred.