Neoliberal globalization as a civilization project: Theorotical approach of Robert W. Cox

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2015

Thesis Language: Turkish




This study emphasizes on the global order that is the result of economic, political and social structures that has been changed with the neo-liberal policies which has consolidated since the 1980, positing the world within a single civilization. With neoliberal period, the superstructure institutions, defined as a social area, have gained importance. Also, the constructing society which provides the advancement of economic interests and the existing order has come to the forefront. In this context, Robert W. Cox, defining triple power dissipation consisting of production state and world order, says that the production determines the status of power in the national and international area but it is not the only determinant. According to this, the sovereign ruling the global order must control not only production, but also social structures and society forces. In other words, imperial trying to shape the production in order to establish his structure harmonizes the societies politically with the help of the states on the one hand, and establishes hegemony by taking their consent on the other. In this manner, global power can connect the local to the global as long as he controls social forces and institutions, and injects its own intersubjective meanings into other's social fields. Within this framework, Cox indicates that imperial tends to adsorb the world within the singe civilization by constructing his own intersubjective meanings. Although societies maintain their own social structures, they gained a new sense of belonging by adopting the values of new civilization. This case protecting existing differences is interpreted as a resistance area against one civilization project by Cox. However, societies that internalize of the imperial values produce the global system themselves with self-orientalist approach. Because of this, they reinforce the existing hegemony.