Investigations on the biomonitoring and evaluation of the heavy metal pollution by the plants in the streams of Bursa municipality

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2004

Thesis Language: Turkish




Bursa is one of the most important industrial and agricultural cities of Turkey. The fast and uncontrolled development in the industry increased the environmental pollution. Especially ground waters have been polluted with industrial wastes and heavy metals. Nilüfer stream, which is the most important water source of Bursa city and runs through its, has been polluted. In our research, one sample site from the point which is not given industrial wastes (Buski) and three sample sites (Cilimboz, Buttim, Büyük Balıklı) from contaminated areas were chosen. The plant samples of Rumex obtusifolius L. subsp subalpirms (Schur.) Celak and Polygonum lapathifolitan is spread around the Nilüfer stream and their soils (0-15 cm) were taken for the determining of the ecological effects of wastes. Available element contents of soils were analyzed in ammonium acetate (pH: 7.33). The plant samples were divided into belowground parts (roots and stems), aboveground stems and leaves. Plant materials were digested with 6 ml HNO3 and 4 ml HC1 solution in microwave oven. All soil and plant material solutions were analyzed by ICP-MS Agilent® 7500 Series for Fe, Mn, Ni, Cr, Cu, and Zn in Tübitak BUTAL. It was determined that Rumex obtusifolius have potential to concentrate the Fe, Ni, Cr and it reflects the Zn and Cu pollution in the stream. Also it was determined that Polygonum lapathifolium have potential to concentrate all examined elements and it reflects only the Zn pollution in the river. In addition it was found that Fe, Ni, Cr, Cu were accumulated in roots whereas Mn and Zn were accumulated in leaves of Polygonum lapathifolium. In this study, it was concluded that the accumulation of heavy metals was varied depending on the species and the model of metal distribution was specific to species.