Researches on canning of black plums grown in İnegöl, stanley variety

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Bursa Uludağ University, ZİRAAT FAKÜLTESİ, GIDA MÜHENDİSLİĞİ, Turkey

Approval Date: 1994

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Gülçin Dönmez

Supervisor: Ömer Utku Çopur


In this study, plums "cv. Stanley", grown in inegöl, Bursa, were used. The aim was to increase the quality and to evalu ate the valve as canning of this variety cultivated in large quant it ies. The plums were canned as whole and halved fruits. The filling liquid had 18-20 % final brix. The additives used for filling liquid were ascorbic acid, sitric acid, CaCl and their combinations. Pasteurization process was carried out in a vertical autoclave while it was open and boiling water for a period 25 minutes after being filled in to 720 glass jars. The canned plums were stored for 3 months. Ot the end of this period physical, chemical and organoleptic analyses were carried out. The results were given a fallowings. 1 - The Stanley variety, was found to be convenient far- canning as having a nice taste and appropriate quality crite- rias, even though ligth pulp colour. 2 - The organoloptic analyses showed that the plums can ned as whole were the ones must approved. 3 - The canned plums of which ascorbic acid and citric acid were added to the filling liquid, kept the original pulp colour and CaCl has the effect of keeping the fruit in whole as it hardens the texture.