Gianni Vattimo: Nihilism as an opportunity

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2018

Thesis Language: Turkish




This text is a research about the Meaning. It is a questioning for the status of Meaning in Modern World. In this questioning a basic argument is alleged by investigating the literature on the Meaning: In modern world the final reference of meaning (God idea) was ruined in the West, but in Muslim countries becoming westernized, such as Turkey, the meaning is being distorted. When we consider the roots of this period of destruction, in the history of thought, the name who placed this destruction phase in the center of the debate is German-thinker Friedrich Nietzche, who was the owner of the premise that "God is dead". In Nietzschean thought, the death of God causes to a total conflict, that is Nihilism. When stated from the sociological point of view, the premise that "God is dead" means the loss of power in the social organization of God. The impetus that organize the social and behind the behavior of individual is no longer God. Human is the organizer in his life as an intellect being and the only impetus is therefore ratio. However, for the modern world that the ratio is prevailing, the most basic problem is the problem concerning the meaning of life. Modern thought and its motivator, that is ratio, are faced with the problem of meaning the lives of individuals; the ratio is bogged down. In this text, the interpretation dealt and treated as the most basic cause of this predicament is the interpretation that emphasize the reduce of the meaning to material. This reduce shows prominently itself in the modern consumer society. The only way to get rid of the meaninglessness caused by this reduce can be possible by putting the God in center of thought. For, the meaning can only express itself in the Divine course. In this manner, this text opens itself to an idea which the meaning can express itself in the literature of thought. This idea belongs to Italian-thinker Gianni Vattimo. His idea states a modern attempt that God be re-put in the center of thought.