İmam hatip schools principals' leadership insights

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2018

Thesis Language: Turkish




The topic of this research is to view the effect of religious education Imam Hatip Schools Principals in İnegol, Bursa have taken, on leadership insights. in thesis; being emphasized religion fact, being explained religious education concept; the reflection of religious education school principals have taken, to their jobs in position of school managment will be presented. also mentioning school culture, emphasizing leadership theories; traditional and new leadership theories will be explained being scrutinised with broad perspektive. With this mentality; determining in which kind of leadership school principals' managing qualities are, with interview technique applied to Imam Hatip school principals in İnegöl, Bursa; a study on relationships between leadership insights of religious education will be done. The aim of this study is to determine reflection of religion education school principals have taken from childhood to adulthood after passing specific stages, on their Jobs. Also it evaluates the role of school principal who is in the position of leader in the school culture as an individual taking religion education and assimilates religion fact inside, in school managing and the reflections to this organization from the side of religion perspective and education methodology. It is also to present a new research area for the effect of an ideal school principal's carrying religion fact on both his job and teacher-student relationship at school life, especially at today's conditions. This is a descriptive research, and its focus is to view the effect of the situation of school principals who have taken religion education on leadership insights in education organization. using situation study method and structured interview method, positive and negative reflections of religion education school principals have taken on leadership qualifications will be presented. also determinations on process with other components in education organization will be done. Sample group will be formed from İmam Hatip High School principals who work in Inegöl, Bursa. Because it will give the best result about the effects of religious education on leadership as they have been inside religion fact since their childhood and most of them have graduated from İmam Hatip High School; İmam Hatip Schools principals have been included in sample group. In order to provide a suitable atmosphere for subjects to express their thoughts easily, and to help them to focus on the questions about the research and from the point of application easiness; interview with school principals will be done in their own rooms. Application will be done by researcher personally. The datas obtained will be evaluated with content and intelligence and will be commented.