The effects of strategic management on organizational performance in family business

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2016

Thesis Language: Turkish




A family business is one of the most important structures of a country's economy. For this reason, the backbone of an economy is in the nature of family owned companies, the importance is unquestionable manner is greater. However many of these firms cannot survive for a lonf time. Family business have different chearacteristic when compared with other kinds of companie. The differences are derived from the being the company and family concepts together. Businesses to survive in the long period and provide a sustainable competitive advantage are to use strategic planning that compose the whole process which is the existing state review, information gathering, to analyze by determining to path and method, application and assessment. Strategic management and planning is a leading factor to carry a business into the future. Therefore for their future, the importance of strategic management and planning implementations is increasing. Strategic planning is a process of planning the future and developing the necessary procedures and operations as well as making a family plan by the senior management of the family business to be able to survive in the future and to be successful. Although many researches have been done about family business, their strategic planning haven't been studied in details. This project is comprised of two basic sections; theory and practise. Family-owned companies, Strategic planning and organizational perfromance studied in theoretical section. An investigation has been conducted throughout practise section of this project in order to reveal relationship between strategic planning and organizational performance in familyowned companies which are settled in Bursa Region and operate in automotive and industry.